Aéroflo ®

The Aeroflo® is a device that produces fine bubbles, for the equipment of urban and industrial wastewater pretreatment installations.

Operating principle

  • The Aeroflo® grease removal pump is submerged in the effluent and draws in surface air via a nozzle. This air is diffused into the liquid medium aa fine bubbles by means of the R&O-patented two-stage turbine. The fine bubbles attach to the grease particles and help them rise to the surface.
  • The two turbine stages have a conical form, to avoid the machinery being clogged up by the solid or fibrous materials contained in the effluent to be treated.
  • The Aeroflo® dimensions are determined by the dimensions of the works and of the circular diffuser. The immersion depth ensures uniform distribution of the bubbles in the effluent.


  • Fine bubble aeration
  • Grease removal
  • Sludge thickening


  • High grease removal performance through the production of micro-bubbles
  • Robustness of blower unit and turbine
    (cast component)
  • Service life of more than 8 years
  • Security: more than 14,000 units already installed
  • Adaptability: specific impellers for oakum, abattoirs, etc.
  • Extensive selection of mounts for all types of cylindrical or longitudinal tanks
  • Mounts designed to ensure ease of maintenance

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