Hydraulic press

The stand-out feature of the R&O waste press is the capability, with one single machine to dewater, compact and convey waste from wastewater screening and sieving operations. A network of closed tubes capable of changing direction vertically and horizontally is used to convey the compact waste out of the press; the mechanism can be followed by a bagging system using plastic film or filter bags.

The press is controlled using ultrasonic sensors.


  • Three main functions
  • Dewaters
  • Compacts
  • Conveys/transports horizontally and vertically
  • The HR/25/50 press offers an elegant and efficient solution to the problem posed by storage and removal, prior to landfilling (class 2, dryness > 30%) or incineration of waste.
  • The HR/25/50 press dewaters the waste under high pressure applied by a hydraulic cylinder.


  • Throughput: 300 – 18000 l/h of waste
  • Working pressure: up to 180 bar

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