SoleReO – greenhouse solar drying

Operating principle

Centrifuge sludge is transported by the screw conveyor to the dryer. The drying installation is set up close to the dewatering building, so as to avoid any disintegration of the sludge. The sludge is spread out in a layer measuring from 15 to 20 cm in thickness. The sludge is deposited at the end of the corridor by a feed screw and worked over by a “turning and transfer bridge”.

That way, the sludge is constantly turned and aerated.

The installation comprises :

  • An area for spreading the dehydrated sludge
  • A drying area
  • A storage area for the dried sludge at the end of the drying area, awaiting removal

The dryer is designed to operate automatically and only requires occasional interventions from the operator (servicing, adjustments). The system is placed inside a robust, weather-resistant greenhouse, totally closed and covered, in order to capture a maximum of solar radiation. Fans guarantee the uniform distribution of the air masses. Air vents ensure ventilation with fresh air. Extractors installed at the gable end of the greenhouse are used to renew the saturated humid air


  • Totally automated system
  • Consistent drying all year round with heated floor in several area
  • Management of odour nuisances
  • Optimum distribution of the dewatered sludge and use of the entire surface of the heated floor
  • Automated storage of the dried sludge
  • All cables guided in a cable-carrier chain
  • Working corridor inside the greenhouse
  • Centralised lubrication
  • All parts in contact with the sludge are made of stainless steel
  • Made in France, approved by the CRAM

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